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Aplikasi gratis dari Cydia

Setelah iPad-mu sudah ter-jailbrake/jailbroken dan sudah terinstall Cydia, bingung mau ngapain lagi. Alasan terbesar untuk melakukan jailbreak adalah agar dapat men-tweak iPad sesuai keinginan atau membuatnya lebih mudah.
Berikut ini tercantum beberapa tweak dari Cydia yang GRATIS untuk iPad-mu :

36 Alasan melakukan jailbreak iPad:
Tweaks berikut dapat didownload secara gratis dari Cydia
Action Menu - Enhances the copy and paste functionality for iOS including pasteboard favorites.
Activator - Assigns screen gestures and button press combinations to do a multitude of actions, from launching apps to controlling the iPad app.
Animate - For those running a jailbreak using @i0n1c's untether then this tweak adds animated boot logo capabilities to your iPad. 
Auto Location - Turns the GPS on your iPad on whenever an app requests location services and off again when it is closed.
BackBoard - This one can save many different layouts and configurations of your icons. It also lets you apply, update, or delete them as required.
Black Keyboard - Turns you iPad Keyboard to your favorite color... Black!
Browser Changer - Allows you to switch the default browser for YouTube, Google Maps, from Mobile Safari to another 3rd party browser. A must for users of Atomic and iCab powerusers.
Bolt - Eliminates the battery icon in your status bar, except when charging, then you will see a bolt. You can turn on the battery percentage to know how much charge you have.
BTStackMouse - use a bluetooth mouse or Apple Magic Trackpad with your iPad.
BytaFont - Apple has nice fonts in iOS, even patentworthy ones (Noteworthy)...but change is good sometimes. BytaFont has hundreds of compatible fonts are available on Cydia.
ChangeCarrier - Customize the carrier name shown on your iPad to something better. nice way to personalize your iPad.
CyDelete - This allows the ability to remove Cydia apps like any other apps store app. Make them wiggle and press the cross to remove just like iOS intended.
FakeClockUp - Allows you to change the default animation speed of iOS graphics. Amazingly, by increasing the animation speed the whole iPad SEEMS to perform much faster but it's an illusion. Put iOS in slow-motion too, you need to add the moyashi repo to Cydia to locate this tweak -
FastCopy - This tweak removes a tiny delay built into iOS before the copy, paste popup appears.
FolderCloser - This tweak will close stock iOS folders after you launch an app...
FullForce - This tweak tricks iPhone apps into thinking they are iPad apps so they run more natively.
iBlank - Create transparent icons which are blank on the springboard for unique layouts.
Icon Renamer - This one changes the name of an app on your springboard. 
iSH**** - Save your SHSH Blobs locally on your iPad.
ListLauncher - Adds to the Spotlight page an alphabetical list of apps for quick and easy access. I hardly ever used Spotlight until this...

ManualCorrect - No longer with iOS substitute a spelling suggestion as you type. If you want the correction, you tap it.
MultiIconMover - This tweak allows you to "tag" multiple icons to move at once. Tap on each one as they wiggle and press the home button to move all the tagged icons to the current location screen, works with folders too.
NoLockScreen - Removes the lock screen if you don't have a passcode.
No Not Charging - Removes "Not Charging" text in the status bar.
OpenNotifier - Customizable status bar to eliminate the annoying pop-up.
OpenSSH - Gives hackers the SSH interface on your iPad to easily manage files, be sure to change your root password from "alpine".
PullToRefresh for Mail - Adds "pull to refresh" to your iPad mail application, just like Facebook and everything else.
QuickLock 2 - Quick and easy screen lock.
RemoveBackground - Remove background kills apps running in the background which are killing your battery Includes nice SBSettings toggle.
Reset Safari for SBSettings - Tweak gives SBSettings Toggle to clear cache, history, and cookies in Safari
Safari Tab Closer - Close all tabs open in Mobile Safari quickly.
SBSettings - Swipe the status bar to toggle your iPad settings like WiFi, BlueTooth and others. Cydia has many more add-on tweaks/apps as well.  
SplitMail - If you like the landscape view of your mail with the sidebar always visible, this will lock your mail in portrait mode to look like landscape mode.
SwitcherMod - Easily removes all recently used apps from your task switcher automatically.
WinterBoard - Cydia theme manager for jailbreakers for custom themes and tweaks.
YoutubeToMP3 - Rips audio tracks from YouTube videos.

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